24 students at the National High School in Finance and Business in Sofia have taken a proactive stance against cyberbullying by participating in a series of engaging sessions and creative activities aimed at combatting online harassment.

During the visit to the school, students engaged in in-depth discussions about the issue of cyberbullying, sharing their personal experiences and insights. They candidly shared instances where they had encountered or been subjected to negative online interactions with their peers and offered valuable perspectives on effective strategies to combat this growing problem.

To infuse an element of interactivity and fun into the learning process, a digital challenge was introduced. Students played an individual game on the Slido platform, responding swiftly to questions related to cyberbullying. This approach not only made the experience enjoyable but also prompted students to reflect on their online behavior.

The students undertook the creation of compelling comic strips centered around the theme of cyberbullying. These artistic endeavors empowered students to express their thoughts and emotions on this pressing issue.

The posters and comic strips crafted during these sessions were not confined to the classroom; they were proudly displayed within the school premises, effectively transforming the initiative into a visual awareness campaign. The overarching objective was to engage the entire school community and encourage more individuals to actively participate in the fight against cyberbullying.