In an effort to raise awareness about the growing issue of cyberbullying, 38 students at Secondary Vocational School Knyaginya Evdokia in Sofia engaged in a series of interactive sessions and creative activities aimed at combating online harassment. During the visit, students at the school participated in discussions about cyberbullying, sharing their personal experiences and insights on the topic. Many students opened up about occasions when they had either witnessed or personally experienced negative online interactions with their peers. They also offered their opinions on effective strategies to combat cyberbullying.

To make the learning experience engaging and interactive, a digital challenge was introduced. Students played an individual game on the Slido platform, where they had to quickly respond to questions related to cyberbullying. This approach added an element of fun while encouraging students to reflect on their online behavior.

Following the digital challenge, the students were divided into small groups of 4-5 students. The activity involved crafting comic strips centered around the theme of cyberbullying. These creative endeavors aimed to empower the students to express their thoughts and feelings on the subject.