Although the project “TABASCO – stop cyberbullying among young people” has ended, CKU Sopot continues its activities against cyberbullying. During the whole period of the project we had big support from many organizations. The cooperation continues to this day  by engaging in various initiatives on cyber security, countering cyberbullying. On November 27, 2023, we participated in the event: „Let’s build something bigger than ourselves” as part of this collaboration. The Echosphere hosted a special event for students of Sopot schools as part of the “Welcome Home” initiative. It hosted more than 270 students and 22 teachers from Sopot schools (SP1, SP9, ZST, I LO, III LO and CKU Sopot).

Students participated in the following workshops:

– RAP with Citizen MC

– Graffiti with LOONEY- co-founder of the first Tricity group of graffiti artists, author of the largest mural in Poland with an area of 4600 m2

– DJing with DJ CHMIELIX – multiple national, European and world champion in DMC, KWC and IDA

– dancing with KACZOREX – winner of the TV show GO TO DANCE – ONLY DANCE

– beatbox combined with workshops on emotions, including emotions in beatboxing, led by Aleksandra Lehmann and Piotr Biciu Tomaszewski

– workshops on cyber addictions and the language of feelings and emotions with Monika Staniecka from the I Care About My Reach Foundation

Moreover, teachers attended a lecture on building self-confidence and self-esteem among young people with Tamara Kasprzyk – psychologist, trainer, co-founder of the FamilyLab Poland Foundation. The Welcome Home team has permanently included workshops related to cyber addictions and unethical behavior online, and actively encourages young people to find alternative ways to spend their time and leave their phones and personal contacts with others. A big round of applause for young people from Sopot schools for coming in large numbers, getting involved, getting out of their comfort zone and presenting the results of their work on stage!

The event was also supported by the City Hall of Sopot. We are planning more activities for the youth of Sopot as the subject matters and work should be continued.

In addition, since the topic of cyber security is ubiquitous and affects everyone, a meeting was also held for seniors at CKU Sopot on November 28, 2023, where the topic of cyber security and risk awareness was discussed. The topic is still relevant, both among young and old. This only confirms the legitimacy of the Tabasco project and shows further directions that need to be looked into.

Photos from the event were taken by Szymon Koszczuk (Instagram: komar_gda) and our project team. A short video report will be available soon.