Technology and digital media are rapidly changing and continuously providing new opportunities for young people to engage, connect, create and learn. Digital skills are required to participate in many aspects of life now and it has never been more important for young people to develop digital skills while also having an understanding of how these digital technologies and media work.

The rate at which technology and digital media evolves also bring challenges for young people and educators providing guidance in this area. While there can be a tendency to assume that all young people are ‘digital natives’ and have all of the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to use technology and digital media, they need to be supported in navigating and engaging with it.

The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), funded by the Teacher Education Section in the Department of Education are Ireland’s largest support service providing teachers and schools with professional learning opportunities across a range of subject areas and competencies including digital technologies. The PDST aims to support teachers in enabling young people to be safer, more effective and responsible users of digital technology and the internet by offering a suite of professional supports and resources.