realized by superfriends

My name is Stephanie, I’m 16 and I have a bullying experience I would like to share as I would love to inspire and help young people through traumatic times. I was bullied for 3 years by five boys. In my opinion, bullying is disgusting but it continues to be in life hoping to destroy people’s lives when in fact it makes them stronger. So, here is my story…

I was only 12 years old when the bullying first started, however, I did not reach out and tell someone until I was 13 years old. In Year 7 it was mostly verbal bullying. I was called ‘fat’ constantly and had jokes made about me. By this time, I thought it was the worst it could have been, but I was wrong.

I was then physically bullied, the leader of the bullies punched me on my left arm, he left a bruise and he kicked my leg and left a bruise as he “wanted to” because it was “a joke”. I kept this to myself as I thought it won’t happen again. My mum had noticed the bruises but I had claimed that I “walked into a door” and I had “hit my leg on the table”. I finally found the courage to tell my mum about the bruises.

The comments about being fat also hadn’t stopped. Due to the verbal comments I developed an eating disorder which again no one had acknowledged as I was scared incase the bullies called me a snake for speaking up.. As I felt the bullying was becoming worse I told my teacher how I had an eating disorder and she replied “next time I won’t call my friends fat as they might have anorexia”. I became so resistant to food that when I had bought something from the canteen I would throw it in the bin. I remember having a film day in school as a treat and the boys persuading me to see who could eat the most and if I won they would leave me alone therefore I decided to go ahead with the idea.. Obviously, I had anorexia so never ate anything and they had noticed that and continued to bully me.

Two police officers had arrived at my home to speak to me whilst taking a detailed descriptive report of incidents to dates. By this time, I was frightened of how the bullies may react. The next day the boy and I were taken into an office in the school to give a statement. It had gotten to this point as my head of year had not put a punishment in place. Therefore, I began to lose trust in most adults in my school. The boy didn’t care about the police as within that week he began to kick my chair constantly.